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The emerging fields of stem cell science, regenerative therapies and personalized medicine are constantly evolving and advancing. Here at Pediatric Dentistry @ WDA, we are at the forefront of helping our patients benefit from the latest advances in medicine. We understand that the future of your child’s health is important and are ready to offer you the opportunity to access potentially life-saving therapies.

Q: Why should I preserve my child’s dental stem cells?

A: Healthy dental pulp contains stem cells that are among the most powerful stem cells in the body. They replicate at a faster rate and for a longer period of time than other types of stem cells. Dental stem cells show great promise for future regenerative medical treatments of neuro-degenerative disease, heart disease, diabetes, bone diseases and brain and nerve injuries.

If needed, using your own stem cells decreases the chances for the risks for rejection following transplantation, and also eliminates the risk of contracting diseases from donated tissues or the need for immune suppression drugs.

Q: When should I preserve my child’s dental stem cells?

A: Time is a critical factor for the recovery of healthy, viable dental stem cells; ideally, the cells should be recovered when the patient is young and healthy.

Q: Which theeth can be preserved

A: Only the dental stem cells from a tooth with a healthy blood supply can be recovered and cryopreserved. This means that teeth that have already fallen out, or are so loose that the blood supply is no longer intact, are not candidates for cryopreservation.

Dr. Hannah Ahn has partnered with StemSave to enable patients to recover and save stem cells found in teeth. To learn more about how you can secure your child’s future health by banking his/her stem cells, call our office today for a consultation.