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After dental treatment with local anesthetic, it is common for young children to chew/bite on their lip as a result of the numbness. If the bite is severe, it can be rather alarming in appearance. If there is excessive bleeding from the mouth following dental treatment, please call the office and be prepared to return to the office for an evaluation.

The signs of lip/tongue trauma from biting are:

  • A swollen lip/tongue (as much a three-times normal)
  • A raw lip/tongue surface
  • The affected area will be tender and sensitive to acidic and hot or spicy foods
  • The following day the lip surface will be covered by a white membranous “scab”

What to do:

  • Call the office and inform the dentist of the incident
  • Feel free to return to the office for an evaluation
  • Keep your child well fed and hydrated with a soft diet and plenty of water.
  • Popsicles and other frozen items will be comforting
  • Cold liquids are best and milkshakes are yummy
  • Avoid acidic and spicy juices or foods
  • Infection is extremely rare in cases of these self-inflicted wounds
  • Usually antibiotics are usually not necessary but can be discussed with Dr. Hannah
  • Do not use Vaseline or petroleum jelly type products to coat the tissues
  • Normal healing will require a week

If you have a dental emergency, call our Westport, CT office at 203.635.7070 today!