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An avulsed primary (baby) tooth can occur when playing sports, during a fall, or many other ways. Regardless of the cause it is important that parents and caregivers know what to do when faced with this situation.

  • A child’s normal response to an avulsed tooth due to an accident is fear. There is pain involved and the accident itself is an emotional experience for them. It is important that you remain calm and begin to take action on their behalf.
  • Locate missing tooth, make sure it is not in child’s mouth, under the tongue or the side of their mouth. Do not pull out any teeth that are still in place, regardless if it is in an awkward position.
  • Call the office and your call will be directed to Dr. Hannah right away.

Baby teeth are dealt with differently than adult teeth. They are not replanted, meaning they do not get placed back into the mouth. The reason for this, is because they can disturb the normal eruption and health of the permanent tooth that will be erupting in its place. It may also cause an infection and spread bacteria.