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If a permanent tooth is avulsed proceed as follows:

  • Keep the patient calm.
  • Find the tooth and pick it up by the crown (the white part). Avoid touching the root.
  • If the tooth is dirty, rinse it briefly (10 seconds) under cold running water and reposition it. Try to encourage the patient / parent to bite on a handkerchief to hold it in position.
  • If this is not possible, place the tooth in a suitable storage medium, e.g. a glass of milk or a special storage media for avulsed teeth if available (e.g. Hanks balanced storage medium or saline). The tooth can also be transported in the mouth, keeping it between the molars and the inside of the cheek. If the patient is very young, he/she could swallow the tooth- therefore it is advisable to get the patient to spit in a container and place the tooth in it. Avoid storage in water!
  • Hold the tooth by the crown only. DO NOT touch the root or attempt to SCRUB the ROOT!
  • Seek emergency dental treatment immediately by calling our office.